Saturday, January 12, 2008

my etsy store, possible contest???

Life seems as if it may be returning to a more even keel now that we are well into January. With the holidays over and me feeling like I’m finally over a lingering virus (or whatever it was) I am feeling a little more ambitious. I emphasize the word little because I just recovered the other day from a bout of stomach flue or food poisoning, not sure which. Either way I know when starting the new year feeling like crap, it can only get better…right?

Everyone I talk to seems to be on a sorting and clearing out kick. The same applies to me as well. January is a good time for that. For the most part inclement weather keeps us indoors, so what better way to put our time to use? I think it’s part of the natural cycle for us to want to unclutter and purge our homes somewhat at this time of year. Personally if I didn’t busy myself with those activities and my crafting, I would become more sedentary than I like over the winter months. Instead I have kept myself occupied with sorting and organizing things here and there as well as becoming immersed in a few crochet projects. And to think, I left the creative channel of crocheting sit by the wayside and go unused and neglected for so many years. What was I thinking? Well, you know what they say, there’s no time like the present. I think I am more than making up for it now anyhow!

Lately I’ve been on a bag kick, crocheting several new purses and bags in various styles and sizes. They are presently all waiting for linings. They are all woven s as not to need lined, but I think this would really give them a finished look and feel, so that is next on my “to do” list. Once finished I’ll be showing them off. : ) I’ve also made two new ponchos. One is for me, done in beautiful deep autumn red, a light wrap to wear indoors or out as a shrug. The other is a full size poncho for outdoors done in coral,, turquoise n sand colors for a very southwestern look. I still need to put fringe on it and then it will be featured in my etsy store. Speaking of which, I actually have that up and running now. So far only a handful of items have found their way there (and none crochet craft believe it or not) but, I’ll keep working on adding more as I go. I have the featured items showing on my blog site on the left sidebar, but for those who subscribe to posts I am including a thumbnail showcase in this post.

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Now I can’t help wondering how many people are actually reading this blog. So, I’m thinking maybe I’ll plan a give-away in the near future, and gift a lucky commenter with one of my handmade items just to see who and how many may actually be reading this. Keep watching for that and if you’re actually reading this, let me know by leaving a comment. Just say hello or let me know what you think about that idea, k?

Have a great weekend!


  1. I read every post, and I'd really love one of your wonderful bags! :)

  2. Thank you so much for your comment on my Green Bunny Bag giveaway - I've been overwhelmed with the response. Give-aways are always lots of fun ;-)

  3. I'm actually reading this. =)

    Excellent blog. I really enjoy it.


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