Saturday, January 26, 2008

bad night, good day

I had a bad night last night, waking up throughout the night from disturbing dreams. I hate when that happens because it’s difficult to get my head clear and get on with my day after a night like that. My last dream was about my brother. I woke up feeling sad because I miss him a lot. Today was his birthday so it’s no surprise I dreamed of him. I really believe those we love and who have crossed over do tend to visit us in dreams from time to time. Such has been the case for me anyhow. So I spent this morning reminiscing about my brother and all the special times we shared. I do so miss him and his music at times. Happy birthday bro!

They say it’s gotten up to 26 degrees today. I finally got out of the house after being cooped up all week. Let’s face it, it’s just been too darn cold to be out unless one has to be. But today I did have to make a tip to town for necessary items, so out I went and the weather was definitely more bearable than it has been.

Well, I certainly couldn’t take a trip to town without stopping at the neighborhood thrift store could I? We have this one little shop operated by a local ministry. I rarely leave empty handed. The prices are so good I rarely bother with a stop at the local Goodwill, whose prices have become ridiculous. We stopped at an out of town goodwill last weekend on our way to our daughters. Purses there were priced from $7.50 to $24! A bit much I think for items that are donated to them. Anyhow, I hit the mother load today! I found a box full of fabric. When I asked the clerk how much, she told me it would be according to the size of the pieces. As I was going through it I asked if she’d consider selling it to me as a lot for one price. She said yes, suggesting a $15 price. I suggested $12 and she agreed. Honestly I would have given her $15, but I just can’t seem to resist bargaining for a better deal on things. Just my nature I suppose. I came home with 34 different fabrics, from solids to florals, ginghams to geometrics. Most pieces are at least a yard, many are two or more. I am so set now on fabric now! Between that and the oodles of yarn I have received I am in a very good place!

Yesterday I received my order of herbs and spices, giving me everything I need to make a few new batches of organic herbal tea and some therapy items. Between herbs in the kitchen and yarn projects and fabric in the living room, come Monday I will be have to be doing some serious organizing.

I’ve really, really been craving working with clay recently. It’ been some time, a long time as a matter of fact, since I have done any sculpting. It’s just a matter of dragging out the supplies and making the time to get started. And for me it’s hard to get focused at times because my mind is always so full of ideas and inspiration. That can sometimes feel self defeating because I can become so overwhelmed I put off beginning anything new. Focus, I just need to focus.

I joined a new online networking group called Indie Public, a place for independent artists and crafty folk like me. I love it there already and have my own Indiepublic space up and running. As a result my etsy shop has been getting a lot more hits. That’s all good! I haven’t sold anything through etsy yet, but I just have a limited number of items listed and I have faith. I’ve added a few more items but have loads left to add…all in due time, all in due time.

For tonight though, I will be kicking back, snuggling into the loveseat with my afghan and watching a movie. Everything else can wait ‘til tomorrow..including the dishes. : )

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