Friday, January 4, 2008

cold, snow & photos

Seems our little part of northeast Ohio got hit with a lot more snow than the weather folk called for. We ended up with about 7" on wed., as it pretty much snowed nonstop. The forcaster said "maybe an inch" accumulation. Ha! Needless to say with temps dipping to 0 at night and highs in the teens during the day, we have hunkered down here for the duration, not willing go out and do battle with the wind and extreme cold. Well, with the exception of taking care of the critters and putting more seed out for the birds. It's gotten cold enough that the ducks heated water bowl has been frozen over with a thin layer of ice the past two mornings.

Shadow is loving it, though. Being a husky breed of some sort, he was made for this weather and wants to play every time one of us steps out the door. I have to laugh when I see him sprawled out in the snow taking a nap or wandering towards the woods covered in snow himself. He's certainly become a happy dog and I have no regrets in taking him in. We love the guy.

I finally uploaded some of the photos from the holidays. Here's a photo of granddaughter Destiny modeling her new poncho and hat. (Yeah, I'm showing off my handiwork, too :)

These are my precious grandsons Luke and Mike decorating the cookies Mom made . I might add, licking the icing, too. :)

Mike is very focused. I was quite impressed with the nice job they did for only being 4 and 6 year olds.

And here we have Luke showcasing his efforts.

And, I found this picture interesting for two reasons. First of all I noticed the perfect orb above the table. That isn't the first time one has shown up in a family photo. I like to think it's a relative from the other side joining in. The other novelty is I just happened to catch my youngest grandson Nick winking and didn't realize it until I looked at the photo. Too cute!

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