Wednesday, March 12, 2008

tech free day

Yesterday was my first technology free day. I was successful for the greatest share of the day. In the process I managed to accomplish a few things such as

Catching up on laundry

Finishing up a crochet project

Finishing up a clay project

Working on a blanket project for charity

Working on meals for the rest of this week, such as cooking a pot of black beans for chili, cooking up some venison for a “beef” and noodles dish, and cutting up and oven frying a chicken.

I also had time to sweep (not vacuum) the bare floors, go through my new garden seeds, visit with a friend, clean out the fridge and organize my storage container cupboard. Actually, I think there is more but that is the gist of it. We also played cards with friends last night as opposed to watching TV, although Coop, who was not participating in my tech free day, did turn the tube on late last night.

All in all I did ok, so maybe next week it will be easier to avoid my computer. :)

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