Saturday, March 8, 2008

it's a good day if you're a snow lovin' dog

Shadow loves the snow. Unfortunately his favorite place to lay in the snow is here in the middle of our country road. Fortunately for him, our traffic is minimal and today, virtually nonexistent.

This is my dog Shadow, happily trotting up (what is usually) the sidewalk after I told him to get the heck out of the road. He said, "What Mom!? Heheheheh, what did you say, you have a goodie for me?!"

and this is a disappointed and slightly disgruntled Shadow after he realized Mom didn't have a goodie for him.


  1. That is a gorgeous dog! I love long haired snowy-type dogs. I grew up with Saint Bernards.

  2. We love our Shadow. I don't know where he came from originally, but he belonged to the previous tenant here, then when he died the neighbors took him in. When they moved, he bolted when they unchained him and after some wandering, he came here. Three days later when the owners finally came back for him we'd already decided to keep him here. They didn't protest. Now he is a free, happy and much loved fellow. He's timid from neglect and I suspect, abuse, but he is a sweetheart and my best bud.

  3. I miss having a dog. Shadow looks like he was made for snow.


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