Wednesday, March 5, 2008

ice ice baby

This morning we woke up to ice, ice and more ice as well as downed limbs strewn about here and there. The woods across the field took on a ghostly appearance due to the ice covering the tree tops. It was decidedly a good day for staying in and making a pot full of stuffed peppers, the last of those I’d frozen whole for stuffing from last year’s garden… comfort food on a wintry day.

Despite the freezing rain throughout the day Tuesday, we were able to get out and cast our votes. I really debated with myself about it because of the weather, but by afternoon I decided I shouldn’t pass up the opportunity. It is still one of the rights we have as Americans and I reminded myself of our past and how women fought for that right.

Lately I feel as if time has slowed as we endure the last vestiges of old man winter. It has been a long one, with what seems like more snow and cold than we’ve experienced in many a winter. Although anxious for spring, perhaps it is the season reminding me that soon life will be bustling with busyness from dawn to dusk. Perhaps it is telling me to savor these days of calm and solitude and to enjoy the simple pleasures of home and hearth.


  1. Although I don't like walking on it, I love the way the melt/freeze looks on the trees. Gorgeous pic!

  2. Thanks CM!
    The sun poked through a couple times yesterday, making the world outside shimmer like some sort of fantasy world. It was gorgeous!

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