Thursday, March 27, 2008

growing challenge 3-27-08

As I write, husband Coop is upstairs setting up the growing area. I was hoping the weather would be nice enough to allow me to do the seed planting outside, but so far it has been cold and damp for the most part. So I will do the job inside, which probably makes as much if not more sense anyhow. Then everything will be in its pace and there will be no need to transfer trays when I am finished.

I was hoping to get an earlier start, but unforeseen events occurred. I still have sufficient time. We don’t normally plant until the end of May anyhow. Since my daughter isn’t capable quite yet to start her own seedlings I am growing extra for her so she’ll be able to plant a garden this spring. So, the proposed number and type of plants to start are as follows. The number in parenthesis is what goes to my daughter out of each lot.


24 Brandywine (12)

24 Purple Russian (12)

12 Duggin White Beefsteak (6)

12 Green Sausage (6)


12 Tam JalapeƱos (6)

6 Hungarian Hot

12 Romanian Hot

12 King of the North Sweet

All other veggies will be sown directly in the garden.

Organic soil has been purchased and I have a mix of pots and trays. Between what I have on hand and my daughter contributed I should have ample supplies and be good to go. By my next growing challenge post, the seeds will have been planted!

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  1. Your season sounds like it might be very similar to ours - we wait until early June to plant, just to be sure that the danger of frost is completely over. Most of mine this year are going to be ornamentals (since we're only at the house off and on), but I have some zuchinni I am going to put in. Have fun with the seeds!


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