Saturday, January 17, 2009

refrigerator revelation

Atop my fridge is a wine rack with a variety of mostly Ohio wines. To the left the remains of my homemade raspberry wine in a thrift store "genie" bottle and jars of surplus sugar and flour. To the right a vintage Japanese tea set that was in a $1 auction box lot.

Have you ever seen a kitchen with a naked fridge in an occupied home? I can't say that I have.

On my fridge there resides:
  • a picture of my great niece
  • "all states of mind reproduce themselves" magnet
  • a list of Ohio apples and what they're best suited for
  • "When your heart is in your dream then no wish is too extreme"-Jiminy Cricket quote magnet
  • last years garden layout (to remind me how much space and how many rows I can plant)
  • "all that we are is a result of what we have thought" -Buddah quote magnet
  • a picture ton from a magazine of some earrings I'd like to duplicate
  • "when sleeping woman wake, mountains move" magnet
  • a heart drawing by my grandaughter

  • John Lennon magnet from the Rock Hall. The only time I visited was when they featured his life and work
  • instructions for building a simple solar oven
  • "remember, absent everything else, you are not" magnet
  • a drawing by my great niece that depicts me and my cat Oden
  • "What would love do now?" magnet
  • a list of positive affirmations to aid healing
  • "If the whole world were to follow you, would you be happy with where you took it?" magnet

  • "we are all one" magnet
  • a thank you card from my great niece with a very nice leaf mosaic
  • a framed flower photo taken by my daughter
  • kewpie magnets
  • advertising magnet for septic cleaning that reads, "a flush beats a full house." Cute slogan, eh?
  • "choose love" magnet.
  • a picture of great grandson Tyler
  • a "Happy Thanksgiving" card from grandson Luke
  • mountain sunrise drawing by grandson Luke
  • "to the world you may be one person but to one person you may be the world" magnet
It appears a lot can be revealed about a person by their refrigerator decor. So dear readers, what's on your fridge?
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  1. There's nothing on my refrigerator. I would be the occupied home where you could come and see a naked refrigerator.

  2. OMG! Is that where my fridge is? Under all that stuff??

    I have baskets on top (I still haven't found a place to hang them since I redid the kitchen), as well as some of the flower arrangements from our wedding.

    The front is covered with pics of my girls at Chuck E Cheese (the big girls took Little Sis out for an evening of fun), a dozen or so pics of horses drawn by Little Sis, and Big Sis' goal list for the year. Plus about a zillion other various pics, phone numbers, and notes. I even have a few snowman pics drawn by Little Sis still hanging up there.

  3. What a cute post. My fridge is a conglomeration of Granddaughter Melody's fine artwork and water colors, A list of Reiki Principles, photos of the grandkids, a few magnets containing profound Buddhisms and Obama/Biden campaign stickers and magnets!

  4. Ahh, the refrigerator. The one place where you can always count on finding memories!!

  5. What a great find on the tea set ! If I were a fridge reader, I would say that fridge belongs to a gentle but very passionate person. Both soft and fierce.

    I miss having my son's artwork there :)

    I love the fridge thing, it truly does give a glimpse. If I dust the top of mine I may give it a show as well :)

  6. I must say, yes I have..MINE! It used to be covered with a million magnets, and pictures, but the cats kept pulling them off and stuffing them under the fridge..i was afraid we were going to have a fire so i took everything kitchen looks ALOT bigger now! :-)

  7. My fridge has a wide assortment of things:

    On the front:
    - Picture of my cat Chloe who was put to sleep in June 2006
    - "Life is too short to drink cheap wine" magnet
    - Pictures of me showing my weight loss in the past year
    - Fashing Bug Coupon
    - Picture of my Boston Terrier, Phoebe
    - Postcard from a lady I know showing her two boston terriers
    - Papa Murphy's menu
    - Boston terrier magnet
    - Physical therapy exercise guides
    - Coloring book page of a chicken that my best friend (yes, she is an adult!) colored for me

    Not sure what all that says about me--but if anyone would like to psychoanalysis me based on it that would be interesting!! LOL

  8. Joy & CatHerder - aha! proof there really are naked refrigerators out there. :)

    Country Wife - I guess you and I compensate for the naked fridges, lol!

    Susan - Glad you liked it sis. Your fridge decor sounds similar to mine, but then we are twins!

    Ro - yep. :)

    Juli - Yes, I was excited about the tea set, for sure. Appreciate your analysis and agree. :) By all means, dust off the ice box and do share.

    Anonymous - thanks for sharing. Sounds to me as if you're practical, sentimental and have a cool friend. :)

    Thanks so much everyone for sharing!

  9. I love this stuff! I have a thing for bottles and jars. Our fridge is much the same ... even though there isn't a child involved. We have a dry erase board too, for our shopping list.

  10. On top I have an old wood box, an old cookbook and some bottles on the side-I the same kind of stuff you do on the front! Neat Post!

  11. Oh my! On my fridge top, that lovely bonus storage space?

    A big Fenton lettuce-leaf bowl with our currently-in-use breads;

    a black crock cookie jar that belongs to my ex-husband's great-aunt, a fabulous German cook;

    a little bowl that holds the coffee filters;

    a crock full of canning jar rings and lids;

    a brass teapot that I sometimes use;

    a white McCoy pitcher that I like just for its shape;

    a big McCoy mixing bowl (the cream-colored kind with rings of blue and pink).

    I don't hang too much on my fridge because the clutter bothers me. But what is there:

    Magnet photos of sons and grandchildren;

    a calendar I made for this year;

    a notepad for writing grocery lists;

    a picture made by granddaughter Cassie;

    a magnet with the numbers for the VA on it.

    And dust--can't forget the dust on top!

  12. LOL...I'm always uncomfortable in homes with naked refrigerators. I mean...serial killers could live there or something...

    Mine is like yours , sans the wine on top. I have a large beautiful pottery soup tureen, and a container of dog biscuits and lots of dust, (probably-I'm too short too see that high--what a blessing!) assorted pictures from my grandson, photos of friends, a 1973 photo of me (yikes) when I was a shadow of my present self). A magnet that says Metropolitan Refrigerator of Art. Several other magnets, Notes, appointment cards, and a little rabbit holding a sign that says "Count your blessings" A cut out from a card I received years ago saying "Feeding wild birds in winter and caring for pets...makes us partners with God". A sign that says "Laugh often: Live simply: Love Much. Leave the rest to God."

    Man. Maybe I do need to clean it off.

    Thanks for this great post.

  13. I loved this post - what fun. Yuu have a very interesting collection -
    I have pictures of friends, a disney princess magnet with my daughter picture inside. I have a picture of the new born monkey at the zoo from the newspaper. I have some coupons and a calendar....lots of fun memories! Fridges are cool snapshots of our lives!


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