Wednesday, January 7, 2009

good times with my girls

whatever it was that we were laughing about...

it just got funnier...

and funnier!

(Thanks sis for taking these and bringing those smiles to my face again.)
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  1. I wish I could remember what was so funny! These pics made me smile. Mother, Maiden and Crone. ;-)
    Love ya!

  2. GORGEOUS trio! What nice photos. You should blow up and frame that first one. It's terrific.

  3. Just surfing with my morning your post, it made me smile! love your blog..i check in every day!

  4. love love LOVE it! i needed a smile this morning.....and you delivered one!

  5. Rainbow - me, too! I treasure these pics with you and Destiny.

    city mouse -thank you! I agree, think I will get that one framed.

    catherder - I smile every time I read your blog name. :) And thanks, so glad you visit often and enjoy my ramblings. :)

    jayedee - Ohhh, thank you, I am so glad it brought a smile to you today!


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