Friday, January 9, 2009

a little Friday funny

A cat died and went to heaven. God met her at the gates and said, "Because you have been such a good cat all these years, you may ask for anything and it's yours."

The cat thought on this for quite awhile and then said, "I have been a farm cat, always sleeping on hard wooden floors. I think I would like a soft, fluffy pillow to sleep on."

"Say no more!" said God and a fluffy pillow appeared instantly.

Just a few days later six little mice were killed in an accident and all arrived in Heaven together. God met them at the gates with the same offer he made the cat.

"Well," said the mice, "we have had to run all our lives from cats, dogs and even humans. If we could just have some little roller skates then we would never have to run again."

"It is done." replied God and immediately the six mice had beautiful little roller skates."

A week or two later God decided to check in on the cat. She was sound asleep on her pillow. God gently nudged her awake and asked. "How are things going, have you been happy?"

The cat replied, "OH my, it is wonderful! I have never been so happy as I am here. The pillow is magnificent and those little meals on wheels you've been sending over are just delicious!"

*Read in the Ohio Dairy Farmer newspaper.


  1. LOL!!! That is too cute. I just have to pass it on.Thanks for cheering up the day.

  2. I just read it to my cat herd...they approve!

  3. Snicker, snort, LOL. Good one.

  4. Glad you all got a kick out of it. It was one of the cutest I've heard in a long time. :)

  5. Thanks for the laugh. I needed that. I also tried to send you a small note at the e-mail address given but it didn't go through. Just wanted to thank you for stopping by the blog and the kind words you left. Always a pleasure when you stop by. Hope you are enjoying the rest of your Sunday,


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