Friday, January 30, 2009

it doesn't take much

Well, for the most part that is. This is his end of the kitchen counter. After nearly 30 years of togetherness he's gotten pretty good about keeping his "stuff" in one area rather than scattered around the house. It took training mind you. There was a time when he wouldn't pick up his socks and underwear off the bedroom floor. I even went so far as to set the hamper right next to his side of the bed...and still I had to confront him about it.

But over the years things do change. Now he's such a big help I often wonder what I might do without him. He even vacuums the rugs now, often without my even suggesting it. Somewhere down the line he took over cleaning the cat's litter box, too. I think it all started with cobwebs. Yes, cobwebs. You see, I am really bad about noticing cobwebs. I don't generally look up that often I guess and I certainly don't have height on my side. But Coop, he notices cobwebs. Maybe he just got tired of pointing them out to me and finally decided to take matters into his own hands. Or maybe it was me saying something like, "well if they bother you so dang much then maybe you should do something about them." (really, I'm not a sarcastic bitch...all the time)

Whatever the case may be, he began helping around the house more and more as the years went by. He's a good man in so many ways. Those who knew him many, many moons ago may not share that same opinion, unless like me, they have stuck by him and and witnessed the changes and the man he became over the years. I saw beyond his bad boy ways way back when and knew the loving man he was underneath. I loved him then and even more so now. He's proven time and time again who he really is. He's smart, innovative, strong as an ox, gentle as a lamb when the need arises and most of all I know this; there is nothing, nothing he wouldn't do for me (or others as a matter of fact) if asked and it is within his power or ability to do. You can't ask for more than that.

We have shared our lives for nearly thirty years and today we celebrate the promises made exactly 27 years ago when we said "I do". No special celebrations or gifts here, just a "Happy Anniversary" wish spoken to each other this morning. We have each other and that is gift enough.

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  1. I am so happy for you. He sounds like a great person. We all have to go through a little "training" at first but long-lasting couples seem to grow "into each other". congratulations!

  2. What a wonderful post to read this morning when there is so much bad news out there!
    Blessings on/to you both!

  3. That is so sweet. Congratulations to you both and wishing you many more years.


  4. What no chocolate bars or donuts? (giggle) Add them and some cashews and it wold be his dream collection! :-) Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad! I have a couple tiny memories from that day. I was too young to remember much. I remember your renewal for your 25th! ;-) Here is to many more happy years together!

    Love you!
    Rainbow Tree

  5. Very nice post. Sounds like a great guy. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

  6. :-)
    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! A good man and good health are a womans best wealth!

  7. Happy Anniversary to 2 dear hearts...

    (I have a friend who has a Tshirt that says) : "SARCASM- just another service I offer."


    Again--Happy Day!

  8. Now this reeks of people who know each other and themselves so well. That is true love.

    (and I believe you when you say you're not a sarcastic b...)

    Here's to 27 more years for you two.

  9. Your sentiments are greatly appreciated by one who has been married to the same man for 28 years. I think the fallacy that sets some marriages up for failure is that a marriage is a free gift aimed at being and staying perfect, when it's really an honor earned with love and kept with mutual respect and hard work extending from that love. Thanks for reminding me as those vows are constantly challenged in my brain . . ."for worse, for poorer, in sickness" . . . .
    Bayou Woman

  10. Dear Friends - Thank you all so much for your well comments and congratulations, fun remarks and wise words. I do so appreciate your time here and each and every comment.

  11. A belated congratulations to you both on your many years together!

  12. Happy Anniversary! What a sweet post.

  13. It's it funny how men mellow with age? I have noticed this with my father. He used to be an uptight "suit" who worked behind a desk all day. Now he owns his own home remodeling business, wears jeans and t-shirts every day and is SO much more mellow and happy. My friends all adore my dad--they say he is a big teddy bear. Having a dad like him makes me want to hold out for an older guy (I am 31) so that I can get a mellow fellow too!! LOL Of course being a lesbian doesn't HELP my likelihood of being with a mellow guy! LOL

  14. Phoebesmum - You cracked me up! Your comment literally made me LOL. Your dad sounds like a great guy. Like fine wine, they do mellow with age. :) IMO older men are the best...again, if you're not a lesbian. :)

  15. oh! happy anniversary! (albeit a bit late) my sincere wishes that you are blessed with another 27 happy years together!

  16. This is really a wonderful post, and photograph! I bet we all could be expressed by a corner of the counter. I loved that.

  17. Oh my, I am SOOOOO sorry that I missed this post. Very Belated "Happy Anniversary" to you!!! YAY!!! Your anniversary is on my birthday!!

    This post REALLY brought a tear to my eye. It is SOO difficult these days to keep a marriage together and to see how the two of you have stuck by each other over the years is TRULY a beautiful thing. Simply touching!! Thank you SOO much for making the special moments of life just seem so much more wonderful!!! Hope you are enjoying your Sunday,


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