Thursday, May 1, 2008


"I am always happy when we're done and heading home." Those are the words I spoke to my husband this afternoon on our way home from running errands in town. Fact is, I'd rather be home than just about anywhere else. When I get home it's like breathing a big sigh of relief. No more hustle and bustle, no more sensory overload. Right now in this moment all I hear is the wind moving outside, the chimes tinkling and the sound of my fingers tapping out the words you read. If I need more than this I'll crank up some Dylan or Clapton on the stereo. That's always good.

Yesterday I took a walk around the property and down the road. Sometimes I just have to go out and breathe it all in, the green, the blue, the blossoms. I don't take it for granted...where I'm at geographically or philosophically. I am enchanted you might say.

The sky was killer blue...and clusters of spring beauties bloomed all around I walked on a carpet of violets...I came upon the gateway to a gullyand entered...

to find 'neath a tree by a nearby brook, this cairn.
Following the brook I chanced upon what surely must be the dwelling place of some woodland fairies...and then found bluebells at my feet.

Oh so many reasons to be thankful.


  1. I agree that our best treasures are in our own backyard.

  2. i agree! it's funny how i never feel as though i can take a good deep breath until i'm home again....i'm sure, in my old age, i will turn into one of those crazy chicken lady hermits that all the neighbors whisper about lol so be it!

  3. Beautiful pics. Thank you for sharing a piece of your home.

  4. Beautiful :) I'm the same way about's my center


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