Wednesday, November 21, 2007

my take on consciousness

Consciousness…to not only be aware, but to be responsible, to develop and have an awareness of the natural cycles of the earth and nature, to understand the seasons and the gift each one brings and to live and work in accord with understanding and a grateful heart….to be comfortable with yourself and unafraid to be real, honest and able to laugh at yourself, to see hope despite how the world or things and people in it may appear, to trust your inclinations and not go against that inner knowing, to honor and respect other’s right to be who they are and not feel it’s yours and anyone else’s responsibility to change them, to love and appreciate what you have and feel no lack, to know there is much you don’t know and some things you will never know, to live and love without regret, to know peace and simplicity as the way to peace and simplicity, to be grateful for all you have and thankful for all the people and the lessons you have learned in your life, not just some of them…to be mindful and kind to people and all living things, knowing they deserve to be here as much as you do…to trust there is always enough, to live creatively, to be unafraid to love and express that love in word and deed, to spend time alone in nature and in silence because you find it essential to your well being and you enjoy the company, to share with and serve others out of love rather than a sense of obligation and to place no expectations on others, to harbor no guilt or blame, but to see a bigger picture and trust the outcome, to understand you cannot control anything but your own responses and to know that no matter how things turn out, it will be ok…and to remember life is a journey, not a destination.

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