Sunday, November 4, 2007

a few beads, a few safety pins, some wire & voila'

A recent wisebread article, Savvy Suggestions for Safety Pins inspired me to get creative. Well, to be honest, it first reminded me that I had the components necessary (leftover from a few craft projects of the distant past) to make use of. So here are the results...two candle covers. The green and red one I made first to set over a tea light. Next I put together the purple one, making it with the daisy style beads and large enough to set over a votive cup. They turned out so pretty I just had to share. When lit, they look like jewels shimmering. I thought they'd be especially nice to use over the holiday season. All it took was a few large safety pins, an assortment of plastic beads and some 18 gage wire to string them all together. I've shown them here in bright light and then when lit in the dark.

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