Tuesday, December 2, 2008

simple woman’s daybook

Outside my window a mix of clouds and sun and still some white remains from last night’s snowfall. Gray-blue titmice with their buff colored chubby bellies flutter in and out of my front porch, snatching bits of food from the cat’s bowl.

I am thinking of the rest of the week ahead and hoping my energy and ambition increases.

I am thankful that the holiday weekend is now over and routines can be re-established..

From the kitchen sausage stuffed peppers and tomatoes are thawing for some crockpot cooking.

I am wearing a red knit Henley and gray sweatpants.

I am reading the latest Mother Earth News as well as several books I have been jumping between for the past month or more. I think I will dedicate myself to finishing at least one before the end of the month.

I am hoping I start feeling even better now that the worst of the flu has past.

I am creating a mini pillow pal stuffed toy for my great niece.

I am hearing Oden (aka Detroit…will elaborate on that a little later) making tribble like sounds as he scampers through the house looking for trouble. Or rather, stirring up trouble.

Around the house... catching up on routine chores and puttering. Organized the freezer shelves, packaged soaps for gift giving and various small jobs.

One of my favorite things is being caught up on household tasks and as the sun goes down lighting some candles and having nothing better to do than snuggle down on the couch with a book or a crochet project, content with my world.

I am looking forward to a visit from my son, daughter in law and grandsons this weekend.

A few plans for the weekend…see above. :)


  1. I do love the daybook posts - really lets folks get a glimpse. And it sounds like a lovely day too. Best wishes and good thoughts for shaking the end of the flu!

  2. I got my Mother Earth News yesterday. I can't wait to jump in and read it!

  3. City Mouse - I'm so glad you enjoy these posts. :) I am feeling much better now, thanks.

    Carolyn - Can't beat Mother for good, practical info. I've been a subscriber for years.

  4. I do hope your flu bug left! I had it too and the timing was NOT good!
    I haven’t read Mother Earth News for a few years…think next trip and spare change, I’m going to pick one up!
    Your supper sounds delicious!
    (yea, I’m a little late to join you for some of it!)

  5. I got my Mother Earth News as well!!! I like to savor it and only read a few pages at a time, mull them over and then go back in for more. I have also been reading: "The Worlds's Cheapest Family" and "The Simple Living Guide". Both very good reads.

    Your Daybook posts are absolute treasures!!! Such peaceful words and sentiments!! Thank you for sharing them. Always a pleasure to get the alert that you have posted.



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