Monday, December 8, 2008

I want candy!

This is what I was making earlier today...


and then, more mints.

So, I'm making candy and singing tunes to all these old songs that reference candy (in one way or another). I thought of (bear with me, I'm older than some of you):

Candy Man by Roy Orbison
The Candy Man by Sammy Davies Jr.
Candy Girl by The Four Seasons- heh heh, I had the DJ play this at my daughter Kandice's wedding, lol!
I Want Candy by Aaron Carter

I got stumped, ok? :) So, in good faith I will exchange my mint candy recipe for any "candy" songs you might think of. And well, if you can't think of any, shucks, you can still have the recipe, ok?


My dear MIL taught me a lot about candy making. Mostly that much of it is pretty simple. I have been thinking of her a lot and missing her as well. The winter holidays were what she lived for I think. She was seldom if ever idle, always cooking, baking or making candy. She was quite the lady who taught me a lot and continues to inspire me. This is one of her most used recipes and one we have kept somewhat traditional. The woman was always making candy and made tens of thousands of these mints over the years for weddings and showers and the holidays.

Cream Cheese Mints

very, very tasty.

Blend 3 ounces of softened cream cheese with 2 1/2 cups powdered sugar. Add 8 drops mint oil of your choosing. We love wintergreen. Add food coloring if desired. Mix it all up. I use my hands. Really mix it up and if it's too sticky add more powdered sugar. You want it like playdough consistency. Pinch off pieces and roll granulated sugar and mold in rubber molds. If you don't have or can't find rubber molds, you can just roll into balls, roll in granulated sugar and flatten or pat out and cut with mini cookie cutters. I would dip the cutter in powdered sugar before cutting to prevent any sticking.

Once shaped let air dry until a bit crusty on top, about 2 hours. These can be frozen up to 6 months. Just layer between sheets of wax paper. Don't use foil or saran wrap. When thawing, open box and remove layers of mints and let air dry for about an hour.


  1. I made your soap recipe and blogged about it. Thanks for sharing it, it was easy to make especially for a beginner.

  2. This is the EXACT same recipe my Mom used to make...(just had to go check). Not sure why I never make them, LOVED them when Mom and us girls did. For various holidays and functions!

  3. That Candy looks awesome!! I think I might have to try it out. Every recipe I have ever tried from you is great. Thanks for sharing with us.

    I thought of some Candy songs:

    I want Candy by Bow Wow Wow
    Candy's Room by Bruce Springsteen
    Candy-o by the Cars
    Candy Man by Sammy Davis Jr.
    Candy Store Rock by Led Zep
    So Like Candy by Elvis Costello
    Candy Says by Velvet Underground
    Cnady by Mandy Moore

    Have a Merry Christmas!

  4. I made candy too today- peanut butter fudge mmmm!

  5. Looks wonderful! I've never made candy before. I might have to look into this! Thanks for sharing it with us!!

  6. mmm, cream cheese mints. These were one of my favorite things that Grandma Cooper made. I remember she made over 200 mints nearly ten years ago when Tom & I got married. Such beautiful blue & white mints that we all enjoyed! I too have made them a few times. They are simple and delicious!

  7. looks yummy...i make fudge every year, thats about it..i will have to try the mints!

  8. These sound like the ones my granddaughter had at her wedding. Delicious. I'm goig to have to give them a try--and then give them away. They're addictive!

  9. We love these and call them butter mints because they melt in your mouth like butter :) I make them often but especially this time of year :)

    Your little dove mold are lovely !

  10. country girl - wonderful! I'm so glad you tried the soap recipe and enjoyed it's success! I've never had it fail.

    Barb - how neat that this was your mom's recipe as well. They are easy and yes, quit tasty.

    Caroline - you're very welcome! Hey,what a great list of "candy" songs. Great job! Happy Holidays to you, too, ALL of you!

    Angelna - hi there! Mmmm, peanut butter fudge. I don't make fudge but my daughter makes PB and hubby and I love it. We expect some every year from her. :)

    Ro- you're welcome. If you try it you'll really like it, I promise! :)

    Hi Rainbow - yep, if not for your Gramma Cooper your dear old mom here would not be making candies. She was tops, wasn't she?

    catherder - ah, another fudge maker. I've never been much good at making fudge, at least not the old fashioned way. Do try these, they are yummy!

    Granny Sue - yes, they are addictive. I eat a few then freeze them for gift giving later. Otherwise they wouldn't last long at all!

    Juli - you're absolutely right, they do melt in your mouth. I like the dove mold as well, it's my favorite.

  11. Thank- you for reminding me of the fond memories of making candy with my grandmother when me and my brother were little kids. And so for the recipie here is a song about candy for Though it really do not have anything to do with candy,and more about hard times, and we all know that is like. But anyway everyone forgets this christmas song. Hard Candy Christmas by Dolly Parton. thank- you or the recipie.

  12. How about Sugar, Sugar by the Archies, and The Good Ship Lollipop sung by Shirley Temple (no I'm not quite that old myself).

    Mints look good! Nothing says Christmas like cookies & candy!


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