Wednesday, June 18, 2008

touching base & glad to be back

It's been two weeks but now I'm back and happy to be so! My computer monitor went haywire limiting my online access. That has now been replaced with a good, used one.

In the past two weeks the garden has grown rapidly. I am so proud of the work we (mostly Coop) have accomplished. Everything looks good. I hope to post pics soon. We've lost one tomato from breakage and one pepper didn't make it. Oh yeah, and the green beans were compromised by our friendly deer who helped themselves to the middle of a row. So up went the fence posts with line and dangles to try and deter them. If Shadow were still here his mere presence would keep them at bay. If you remember he came back after a short absence. Unfortunately he disappeared again and has never returned. He was a very old dog and I wonder if he just knew his time was up. I have had cats who did that, just wandering off to die. I don't know and I have accepted it now, but we sure miss him.

We've been enjoying the green onions and red romaine which is at its peak right now.

I have been sending romaine home with everyone I see. I finally purchased some bacon yesterday so tonight we'll be enjoying wilted lettuce instead of a crisp salad.

Eli, the Amish fellow who promised me strawberries stopped by to say he couldn't provide them. I see now they are going for $2.50 and up a quart at roadside places. At the supermarket last night I saw homegrown Ohio strawberries for almost $4 a quart!! Last year I paid $1.25. I'm not sure I'll be making an strawberry jam at all with the price so high and that is truly disappointing. I guess it's time to consider a strawberry patch of our own again.

Today I will be busy with bananas. We purchased fifteen pounds last night for under $5 so I will be dehydrating a bunch. In another day or two as they ripen further, I'll be making a batch of banana bread for the freezer. What I don't use up will go into the freezer for use at a later date. I always buy bananas when I can find a deal on over ripe ones, which are seldom truly over ripe. They freeze so easily by just tossing them whole and unpeeled into a bag.

Have a wonder-full day friends, I am off to the kitchen.


  1. Have you ever made banana jam? It's awesome, truly. It sounds so odd but it is yummy...

  2. Thanks for reminding me that I have a few whole bananas in the freezer. After many years of tossing overripe bananas, I finally learned to freeze them that way.

  3. Hi Kathie, Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I have made strawberry banana jam, but not just banana jam. I'm about to give it a try, though. I'm thinking what a great peanut butter and jam sandwich that would make!

    Jan- Hi there! Yep, it's the best and easiest way to save them, isn't it? I think they keep better in their own skins as well.


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