Sunday, June 29, 2008

a thoroughly enjoyable & peaceful day

I awoke earlier than normal this morning and set about making pie filling with the black raspberries gathered yesterday. Personally I find it senseless to make just enough pie dough for one pie, so my basic recipe is for three two-crust pies or 6 crusts. I just happened to have some apple pie filling on hand, so I made 2 raspberry pies, 1 apple and the empty shell was turned into a chocolate cream pie by afternoon.

Once all the routine chores were caught up I took some time for me. Coop was out looking for more raspberries and things were quiet, so I ran a tub of warm water, adding some pink Himalayan salt for a soothing soak. I'm normally a shower person, so this was out of the ordinary.

When I finished, I took a walk out to what I call "the gully" beyond the old barn of, if not my most favorite sacred place. This place is where I go to commune with the earth. I sat down on the cool, slightly damp earth and closed my eyes, allowing myself the a more acute sense of hearing and feeling. It was sublime, the breeze caressing me, the trees whispering their secrets and the birds calling to one another across the woods and sky. I was being watched I'm sure, as I listened to twigs snap some distance to my right. Most likely a deer nibbling apples and keeping an eye on the human. I love listening to nature, closing my eyes and eliminating the visual to connect more deeply to the sounds. Lovely.

After this time of renewal I ventured back to the house and made a salad for dinner from the freshly picked spinach.

To the greens were added fresh green onions from the garden, grape tomatoes, ripe olives, pepperoncini and feta cheese with black pepper. Nothing better than a fresh Greek salad. We ate light knowing pie was waiting for dessert.

With pies baked, myself renewed and dinner prepared, a call went out to the neighbors to join us for pies later in the evening. Actually it was more like a pie fest as I sliced all three kinds and we sampled more than one after we had enjoyed a hysterical Jeff Dunham DVD. Compliments abounded and even I must admit, the pies were perfect. I sent the spare raspberry pie home with our company much to their delight.

A most enjoyable Sunday.

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  1. That does sound like an awesome Sunday! It looks like you really know how to make a lovely Summer a lovely Summer. And that chocolate pie is terrific - I love good craftsmanship!


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