Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Daughter’s Story – It Might Save a Life

Please visit my other blog, Earth Apothecary where you can read this article about my daughter's battle with c. diff (a life threatening and often fatal bacterial infection) and her return to wellness by natural means. Yes, it could possibly save a life.


  1. I read the post with great interest...what a testimony to probiotics and colloidal silver..the oregano surprised me a lot...we'll likely get some tomorrow for system support as we try to address some of our serious health concerns.

    I had one question...was any link between your daughter's consumption of raw milk and the bacterial infection ever established? I'd like to know because we purchase raw milk when possible.

  2. Hi Robbyn - The conclusion was that the listeria bacteria came from the raw milk since she got sick with listeria shortly after beginning to consume it regularly and this was the only dietary change she had made. The rest of the family consumed it without problems. With her already weakened immune system, it stood to reason she was susceptible to the bacteria while others were not. As noted, her mentioning raw dairy to her physician prompted the test for listeria. As for the c. diff infection, to my knowledge there was no link established between it and the raw milk, other than having c. diff made her more vulnerable to the listeria.

  3. THis is terrific information. Thanks for putting it out there, and so clearly. The more we know about our natural options (which are frequently better options), the more chance we have when something goes wrong. The wild oregano also surprised me! And thanks and congrats to you for doing this research.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing this information! I've heard fantastic things about the oregano, though I've never needed it myself. I'm glad it was so effective for your daughter.

    Occasionally, I write about natural alternatives as well. I haven't in awhile, though. Must get back to it.

  5. Wonderful ! Thank you so much for taking the time to share it. I have no doubt it will make a difference for many.

    I would like to add a link to her story on my tea blog, if you don't mind.

  6. How thoughtful of you to compile and post the information concerning her case as well as the research you have done and the treatment you have perscribed. Its obvious this therapy is truly giving Kandice back her life. We are all grateful for that! I want you to be aware your input has saved John and I much time and detriment concerning our own health issues. We are now both on the mend and appreciative of your good and sound advice. He goes back to the Dr. on Friday for a follow up on lab results and to check on the infection. I spoke with them today and they commended the use of Silver and Wild Oregano oil. I have also ordered some Turmeric capsules and Colloidal Silver salve to help with healing and just to have on hand. They say the turmeric is great for arthritis is the liquid silver taken orally. Thanks again! P.S. I love, love, love the buttefly apron! I have a surprise for you also next time you get to town.

  7. Juli,

    Yes, by all means share it! Thanks for helping spread the word.

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