Monday, December 31, 2007

Immersed in Chocolate

On Solstice we received the gift of water and chocolate from our niece. She did a superb job of putting together a gift package to embrace the health benefits of both from a physical and metaphysical standpoint. Very nice indeedy! The chocolate selection included not only dark, rich candies made from high percentages of cacao, but also raw cacao nibs. Then lo and behold, more rich chocolate came our way via our son's gift to Coop. So, being curious as to how I might put the nibs as well a some of the chocolate to use, I searched recipes. I found a few fairly easy recipes, even a couple that integrated the Aztec tradition of combining cacao with chili powder and/or peppers. The Aztec bark uses semi sweet chocolate as opposed to raw nibs. I can't wait to try the nib rub!

cacao nib drop cookies

chococlate shortbred with cacao nibs

Aztec Chocolate Bark


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