Thursday, December 27, 2007

post Yule

It has been awhile. I am hoping everyone had a very happy and safe Yule.

I am in an odd place…have been for the most part since Thanksgiving…kind of a blah mood. I probably can contribute some of that to the lack of sunshine and the shorter days. For the most part I’m feeling a lack of energy and a need to sleep more than normal. I’m in a foggy place, with the desire to be doing something but having a lack of focus and energy. Perhaps I feel somewhat out of pace with the rest of the world during the holiday season. Hopefully I’ll return to a more energetic level soon.

The holiday season was a very, very good one despite my state of being. Lots of unexpected goodies came our way. Our daughter and son in law had already purchased a new alternator for my 93 Eagle Summit, so we didn’t expect anything more. But lo and behold, a bag of goodies to boot! My favorite was a basket full of all natural hand and body lotions and creams as well as a foot scrub. How nice! Then I had the surprise of my life when my son and family gifted me with a 16 quart pressure canner. Now, I know not everyone would be as touched and excited as I was over this. But, you see, I have been wanting one for quite some time and even more so recently as we are now back to gardening and preserving each year. I was so surprised, touched and elated when I opened it, I couldn’t contain the tears. My family did great, giving us very useful or consumable gifts. And to top it of, our daughter in law made lemon sponge pie. This is a recipe my mother in law used to make and which we loved. We have not had lemon sponge pie since a year or two prior to my MIL’s passing about five years ago. It was SO good! In fact it was perfect. Needless to say, my intention to eliminate most of the sugar from my diet will have to be postponed until the pie is finished!

To all our family and friends I want to say a big “Thank You” again. Your generosity is incredible and so very, very much appreciated. We had a wonderful time gathering with each and every one of you and feel and are so very blessed by your presence in our lives and the love you express in word and deed.

As for our gift giving, I was delighted to see such appreciation for the hand crafted items we gave. Even the little ones were delighted to open their new hats and scarves. For my two oldest grandsons, I had also made crocheted medicine pouches to wear around their necks. In each one I placed a gemstone heart. Luke, who is six, said, “Grandma, this will remind me how much you love me.” He definitely got the message, bless his heart.

Now, after all the giving, receiving and overindulging I am in the process of purging my environment. Along with putting the new things away, I seem to have the irrevocable need to eliminate other stuff, asking myself, “do I really need this?” and “have I any real use for this?” It seems for me this is a constant, ongoing process. So today, in between loads of laundry and napping, I cleaned out and organized the bathroom cabinets and the medicine cupboard. Tomorrow perhaps I’ll accomplish a little more. Baby steps.

To all my readers, I wish you a very safe and joyous new year.

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