Thursday, May 17, 2007

Typical Third Thursday

It has gone from 90◦ just two days ago to a high of 50 as I write. We’ve decided to postpone planting the rest of our garden until Memorial Day weekend. My parents swore by this in our part of Ohio and it’s a good rule of thumb to follow. Plus, the new moon arrives on the 16th and waxes until the full moon on the 31st, making that period a perfect time for planting.

Our hummingbirds returned on Tuesday, zipping between the shrubs and trees to the porch and back, looking for their feeder. I didn’t hesitate in filling the new one we purchased on sale at the end of last summer. The previous one we used was beginning to leak and had no perches. The new one is much sturdier, made of glass and has four perches for them to sit on. They have been hitting it repeatedly. Once they become accustomed to being in our presence again, I feel sure they will be perching more rather than just flitting in and out. Years ago when we lived here in the 80’s, I had several feeders up and most generally had between twenty five and thirty hummers. I could stand out front with a feeder in my hand and they fed from it as I held it. When I would attempt to take their feeder down for a refill, I would be met with quite aggressive behavior, though! The hummers would be dive bombing my head, trying to keep me away from their food source. They are quite fascinating little creatures and provide us with such entertainment.

Today was our monthly trip to town after “payday”, our typical third Thursday of the month. By payday, I refer to Coop’s monthly retirement check’s arrival. So, we headed to town for our day out which entailed doing the necessary errands and making the necessary purchases, then topping it of with our once a month treat of dining out. This is the one extravagance (albeit still with frugality in mind), that we allow ourselves each month, along with a stop at the local thrift store. There I came home with three pair of jeans which I was in dire need of, one summer blouse and a pair of good leather sandals. Not bad for the $16 spent! Recycling at its finest! The last time I bought anything new was when I had a ten dollar coupon for Fashion Bug which allowed me to purchase new underwear! And even then I waited until they had a buy one get one free sale!

On the way home we stopped at the neighbors who were holding their yard sale despite the rain and cold. I found a couple of worthy books while there and fell in love with a set of canisters. But, common sense told me I didn’t need them and the price was too steep for my budget anyhow. The air outside is damp and chill, not at all pleasant …unless you are a duck. :) It was good to come home and settle back in to the warmth and comfort of our old house.

And speaking of ducks...
We now have over twenty eggs and realize that both Thelma and Louise are laying. Thelma has been laying but we noticed just today that Louise is, also. Now we don’t know whose eggs are whose, since it appears they are nesting together! We were hoping to gather a few of the freshest eggs for baking and eating when Louise began laying. Ah well, nature will take her course. Suffice it to say, when the opportunity to get our Muscovies arrived, we knew little about raising ducks and had no first hand experience. But as with anything, experience is always the best teacher so I’ve no doubt we’ll learn a lot over the course of a season.

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