Thursday, May 24, 2007

summer morning ramble

The weather has been warm enough the past few nights to allow leaving the bedroom window open. To wake in the morning to the songbird’s trill and smell the scent of summer in the air, to feel the gentle breeze waft leisurely across the body…these moments are just some of the reasons I look forward to and love summer so dearly.

We have been delighted to notice a rose breasted grosbeak residing high in a tree just behind the house near the creek. Neither Coop nor I had ever seen one before. The flash of his red breast is unmistakable, but it was his song that alerted us to his presence. Quite lovely, unique and intense as it rises above that of the other songbirds. I can hear him singing as I type. To see a very good picture and listen to the song of the rose breasted grosbeak, go to

Today promises to be another warm one. The mosquitoes have become thick already, one of the less enchanting things about the season to be sure. While planting last night I became their feast, coming in with numerous bites. Tonight I will not be in the garden in shorts and a tank top to be sure! Time to get out the essential oils and mix up a new batch of natural repellant!

I’m hoping to get the tomato and pepper plants in the ground this evening. Everything we’ve planted so far has been certified organic, as are the tomato and pepper plants we’ve grown. If all does well I will likely be setting up a road side stand later in the summer as I’ll have excess produce. I have family and friends that are depending on me rather than the supermarket to provide them with home grown fresh veggies this summer. I’ve never raised a garden that didn’t allow an abundance to share, eat and preserve. I will most definitely be busy come late summer making relishes, salsas, sauces and the like, canning green beans, tomatoes, etc. (Thank goodness I have lots of canning jars!) This is another one of my favorite parts of summer; being able to gather and eat fresh veggies from the garden. We eat less meat in the summer, often making complete meals from the garden. I love it! Like the sign in my kitchen reads, “It’s All Good!”

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