Monday, July 8, 2013

so when will they come for us?

…and then they came for the trans* people. (via Second Council House of Virgo)
Operation Zeus in August last year marked the start of an ugly reminder of a European past that we thought we had long buried.  Nearly 60 years after the end of the Second European War, migrants were round up from the streets of Greece and shoved unceremoniously…


  1. is it we are hearing nothing of these atrocities ??? This is an outrage...

    1. annie-i think if we aren't seeking the truth through alternate news resources we won't find out. it's the old smoke and mirrors ploy. they keep us entertained with reality shows and mind numbing entertainment. worldwide, politically affiliated main stream media sources aren't going to expose much. it would not be in their best interest for the people to know the truth. the people might actually rise up like they are doing in egypt. for a lot of years things we assumed were conspiracy theories are unfortunately becoming conspiracy fact.


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