Friday, September 14, 2012

we are so blessed

i look out from my morning table and cannot help but find myself in a state of appreciation as i watch the birds, squirrels and chipmunks scurry about.  twice i have seen a hummingbird come to the coral bells.  come the month of may next year we will put a feeder out for them.  i say "for them" when in fact it will actually be to enable myself to observe and enjoy these tiny miracles hover and dart about.

i came across a little sign in a downtown shop the other day.  it read, "we are so blessed".  i brought it home as a constant reminder of that truth.  so often we get caught in day to day struggling that we forget to take note of just how blessed our lives are.  we can often feel that our lives are mundane and lacking in flavor or nothing more than a series of struggles. if we think and feel this, that becomes our experience and we fail to see the beauty and magic all around us.  believe me, i know of what i'm talking about because i have been in that place more than once.  access to it is easy.  the truth of our existence is a matter of perception, of what we choose to focus on.  anything worth attaining takes focus and practice and most of all the desire to change.  and change is not necessarily hard.  sometimes it's simply a matter of changing your mind or switching your thoughts.  to do that simply requires an awareness of your thoughts.  so, today, try practicing that awareness. 

we are all on a journey of self knowledge and awareness whether we recognize it or not.  as i continue to learn and grow i hope to delve more deeply into this subject.  in the meantime count your blessings and take note of the beauty and gifts all around you.

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  1. I agree with you, 100%. It's all about my perceptions, and my attitudes. I'm glad we're on this journey...aren't you?

    Have a blessed week!!


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