Tuesday, July 10, 2007

See ya in the Times-Gazette!

I took the white cotton curtains down from the kitchen window today. In their place I hung sheer white panels, one drawn to each side. There’s something about white, airy curtains billowing in a summer breeze that appeals to my senses. There’s a warm southerly breeze coming through the house, perfectly suited to those curtains I hung and much cooler than the one the day started out with. Thunder rumbled and skies became overcast this afternoon bringing us cooler air and a much needed reprieve. Somebody somewhere was getting rain, but it wasn’t us as I‘d hoped. We are dry, dry, dry here in NE Ohio. The garden would love a good drenching.

I'm in the process of setting up a sewing area upstairs in the small bedroom that's used as a storage area. It will allow me to sew at whim rather than dragging the sewing machine out to the kitchen table each time I want or need to stitch something up. The only reason I hadn’t done this before was I didn’t think I had an appropriate table to use. But as I was sorting and arranging upstairs over the weekend, it occurred to me that the vanity (that was given to me none the less) that is in the so called guest room is the perfect sewing table. I never attached the mirror, so it is just like a desk. And all those nice little drawers on each side will be perfect for storing the sewing essentials and notions. Why didn’t I think of this before!?

I spent the day puttering around the house, catching up with this, that and the other thing. Glad I got it all tidied up, too because tomorrow we’ll have a reporter and photographer here from our local paper, the Ashland Times Gazette. To explain…

Late this spring after planting the garden, I offered my remaining organic tomato plants on Freecycle. One of the takers was a lady named Nancy who worked for the paper and we hit it off on a lot of topics and issues. She emailed me some time after our meeting and asked if Coop and I would be willing to be interviewed about freecycling by ATG. We agreed, but until recently I hadn’t heard much more. After a few email exchanges I received a call today from the fellow today. He’ll be showing up tomorrow around noon with photographer in tow. I think that it’s pretty cool to get interviewed about this plus I think it’s great that the paper is going to put information out there about Freecycle.org. Groovy! See ya in the paper!

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