Friday, June 15, 2007

Touching Base & Slowing Down

Thankfully there’s nothing much newsworthy or terribly exciting, but I wanted to touch base. As of today things seem to be on a much more even keel. Last week and the past weekend was a flurry of activity and obligations. This week has been spent primarily on catching up at home on routine housework and gardening. Since our granddaughter Destiny has been with us since Sunday evening, we even managed to fit in an afternoon at the reservoir to go swimming and enjoy a picnic supper.

Yesterday Destiny helped me quite a bit with the house work which had been let go in the flurry of last weeks activities. Coop brought in the side board I was given.

I put it in the kitchen on the east wall (above) and moved the side table that was there, into the living room.

Previously our tv set had been on my dads old blanket chest. I didn’t want to hide my nice side table upstairs, so I moved the blanket chest to the bedroom. That worked ideally because I needed extra storage for my winter clothing anyhow. We put the side table on the south wall of the living room and I decided to let the focal point be something other than the tv for a change. Truth is, we seldom watch tv in the summer. because our days are busy and spent primarily outdoors. Supper time usually doesn’t arrive until after 7PM, sometimes not until 8 or 9PM. So anyhow, I chose a little different set up, but still an efficient and effective change.

The swiss chard in our garden is beautiful! I cut a good portion of one row and got that blanched and frozen this morning. It will be a nice addition to soups come winter or good just eaten on its own with a splash of vinegar. (I like all my greens with vinegar!)

The bean plants are looking good and the tomatoes are beginning to blossom, promising some luscious red fruits in the near future. Oh yes, and the zinnias are just beginning to blossom and coincidentally I saw our first Monarch butterfly this afternoon!

My work is now caught up and I have nothing too pressing on todays agenda so I think I’m heading out to the chaise lounge with my basket of crochet and the most recent copy of “Mother Earth News” until it’s time to fire up the grill for supper.

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