Friday, June 22, 2007

Heaven on Earth

Watching the deer, unimpressed with our presence tonight as we sat just yards away on the patio gave me pause to once again appreciate my life and surroundings. It is good, very good. The sky the past few days, so intensely blue makes me take moments each day to just stop and absorb the wonder. To quote another, “one can never get too much of June.” Our days have been moderate and sun drenched, our nights cool. We have been able to view the space station two nights in a row now because of the clear skies. I imagine we’ll be able to view it again tonight in the western sky.

These days I try my best to savor the moments of sunshine and blue skies and warm summer breezes. Summer is fleeting. Remember when you were a kid and the days seemed endless? We discover as we grow older how much more quickly time passes. If we are mindful we savor it, even if in small increments where we pause in the midst of a days work to just sit a few moments in the sun or step outdoors in the dark before bed to ponder the heavens. If we are mindful we realize that heaven is here on Earth.

I hear others speak of vacations; travel and destinations. I am surprised at times by my lack of desire (or perhaps need) to travel or leave or do anything other than what I am doing. I am content to do my days work and take my vacation daily on the front porch or patio. Those who’ve always known me might be surprised to know I no longer fret if dishes lay waiting in the sink or the floor needs swept. Thankfully, I have learned to relax and know these things will wait on me. I am mindful that the days slip by quickly and if I am always focused on the chores and completion, I miss the beauty. The chores are never caught up anyhow. There are always more dishes to wash, a load of laundry to be done, a floor to sweep, something to mend. I have learned that it’s ok to let things go for a moment or two or even three so as not to deprive my senses of a moment of higher quality. Perhaps an afternoon spent with a friend or sister to laugh and talk, a moment of intimacy with nature, an hour or two of creativity. The work always gets tended to in the in between moments. Yes, if we are mindful life becomes more relaxed, ones awareness of ones surroundings are contemplated and appreciated more. And when one is in that place of appreciation, life is beautiful and sweet, balanced and sacred. Who could want for more?

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