Sunday, April 29, 2007

Staying Sane

Been thinking a lot about this situation called Colony Collapse, where honey bees are dying, starving and/or just leaving their hives. Some attribute it to environmental toxins such as herbicides and pesticides while others are saying it’s cell phone signals confusing the bees. Coop’s guess is that it’s the GMO (genetically modified) crops wreaking havoc. Could be. The GMO crops in India have sickened and killed livestock and destroyed the livelihood and lives of many a farmer. In fact to the point that Indias’ farmers were committing suicide at the rate of about three per day. So sad, and all in the name of corporate greed.

Many have quoted Einstein as saying that if the bees disappear mankind has only about 4 years left. But the truth is, no one has any proof that Einstein said this. Aside from that, Colony Collapse is scary since honey bees are the major pollinators. Just a few short years ago we lost an incredible amount of the honey bee population due to a virus. All I know is that we better wake up and smell the honey pretty soon. How long will we go on without serious consideration for the environment and our own future?

I watched a PBS program the other night about solar energy. Germany is going solar in a big way. Not only is it possible, it’s entirely feasible. I wonder how much longer the US will ignore the imminent need for alternative and affordable energy. Fossil fuel will not last much longer at the rate we are consuming it.

Thinking about the world makes me a little crazy and I rant and do what I can. But sometimes I just have to stop all the thinking and just focus on my little life and keep doing what is within my power to do and trust that we are waking up and making a difference. It's the only way to remain sane.

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