Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Yesterday I took a walk down by the creek that runs behind our home.
I remembered from our living her a number of years before, that there were always bluebells along the creek banks in early Spring. Sure enough, there was a carpet of lovely blue on green to contrast with the leftover drabs of winter. Coop cut a path from the back yard down to the creek in hopes that the ducks will find it easier to get there and be more inclined to do so. Not sure about the ducks, but it works for me!

Today we priced fencing for the garden and to protect the fruit trees from the deer. (While in town at the local equity I found a pair of good leather work gloves that should serve me well for a long time.) Managed to find what we were looking for, more of a netting than a fence, for $20 for a 7' by 110' roll. Should serve the purpose as it won't be permanent, just something to put up until fall, then we can roll it up until the next year. Right now we just have a dwarf apple and pear, but will be planting more soon. Last year when we moved back here they were loaded with least until the deer realized they were there. By the time they got done, there was one pear left. The only reason it was left hanging is that it was high at the top where the deer couldn't reach.