Wednesday, October 30, 2013

gluten free, sugar free: easy, all natural vanilla yogurt

note-do not use this if you're on a yeast free diet.  vanilla and vanilla flavoring both contain alcohol or glycol which is made from fermented yeast. either way, it will feed your yeast.  found this out the hard way.  read labels!

we love yogurt, for breakfast or anytime you need a little something between meals.  the problem is that you've got two choices at the supermarket: yogurt with sugar or yogurt with artificial sweeteners.  we don't do artificial sweeteners at all.  normally we chose one with sugar.  but now, since we've gone sugar free it was a choice between no yogurt or devising a way to have our yogurt and eat it, too.  here's my simple and tasty solution...

sugar free vanilla yogurt

1 large container (approx. 4 cups) stoneyfield organic plain yogurt, lowfat (or make your own yogurt from scratch)
1 T. vanilla extract
stevia equal to 2 1/2-3 T. sugar ( i use the individual packets purchased at Aldie)

mix it up in a bowl and return to original container or do like i do.  i mix it right in the original container by using a long handled ice tea spoon.  no muss, no fuss!  enjoy!


  1. Great idea! I've found that simply adding fresh fruit, like mango, for example, makes plain yogurt sweet enough without adding anything else!


    1. I used to add fresh fruit and love it that way. unfortunately, when on a candida diet, fruit is a no-no. i have found that cinnamon is another nice flavoring alternative, though.


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