Monday, February 9, 2009

For Today...

For Today...

Outside my window the sun has come and gone and temps are well above freezing. Here in Ohio after the month of cold and snow we’ve had I call that a heat wave.

I am thinking about upgrading to DSL and saying good bye to dial up. I've put it off but Verizon has a deal going on now that is almost too hard to resist.

I am thankful for...the past weekend and the opportunity to see daughter, SIL, sister, BIL and my 4 year old great niece who was by all means the life of the party Friday night as she sang (quite exuberantly) the lyrics to Tom Petty’s “Walls”.

Sometimes you're happy...
Sometimes you cry
Half of me is ocean,
Half of me is sky
But you got a heart so big
It could crush this town
And I can't hold out forever,
Even walls fall down

From the kitchen...not much happening there just yet. I do know I will be making homemade pudding since we have vanilla wafers and ripe bananas.

I am wearing...cream colored jeans, a blue striped top and my multi-colored charka shawl.

I am reading...right now about 6 different titles. Really!

I am get to the library this week or next and renew my card. It’s been years.

I am creating...a deep Iris afghan for my living room.

I am hearing...The computer hum and Tom Petty in my head. :)

I am first sale on my homestead hippie store!

Around the house... the focus is on laundry today despite the fact that the house is in need of cleaning. I got a little too lax over the weekend. But today laundry is the priority as I had curtains and rugs to wash as well as the regular loads.

One of my favorite things...having mornings when I awaken without pain…always a good day when it happens.

I am looking forward to...more of this warmer weather this week and getting some organizing done and things caught up around the house.

I am wondering...why I can't simply copy and paste from Microsoft Word to blogger without having the font style and size getting all fubar. This is why sometimes my words are in several different fonts and size. Grrr.

A few plans for the remainder of the week...hoping to get a little sewing done, spend time outdoors and do some walking (if the rain holds off) since the weather forecast is warmer this week.


  1. I do recommend that you change to DSL very highly. We have Verizon DSL and it works real well. Have not had any trouble with it. Sure beats Dial Up, by a long shot.

    It's been a "Heat Wave" over here in PA, also. Temp's have been up in the 50's! Most of the snow is gone. I'd rather have this type of weather, since the cold and me don't get along very well.

    Pain when you get up? I have some of the same problem. My legs hurt, and my Back is always a trouble. Come's from over 40 yrs. of standing on my feet!

    Stay well - Les

  2. We have sattelite here. Better than dial up and not as good as DSL. When we first moved to Maine I called the town office to see what cable company they have and they just cracked up laughing at me, I then went on to inquire about internet. I thought she was going to pee her pants. Jump on Verizon!

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  4. Sounds like a quiet winter day, It HAS been nice that it's been a little warmer. I even found the wind storms exciting and fun. (Hope no damage was done at your place.) I'll be sure to check out your new shop. We switched to that Verizon DSL deal last year from dial up. It changed my life, LOL. We didn't want their home phone service though, and for that, they make it very complicated and difficult.


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