Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Joy of Puttering

Putter: to work lightly, do random, unplanned work or activities, to wander around aimlessly.

Every so often I have a day when I end up just puttering. I may have a list of activities that need tending, but I somehow still end up puttering and ignoring the major jobs I’ve assigned myself. Truth is, I love to putter and I think it’s good for the soul. So, instead of doing laundry or vacuuming the house, I am puttering. On days I putter I don’t feel any particular obligation to any particular accomplishment. I guess this going with the flow is what makes it so enjoyable. There’s no sense of need or urgency, it’s simply a matter of puttering for the sake of puttering.

Today my puttering has consisted of rifling through boxes of still packed items from our move here over a year ago. It also means I have rearranged a shelf here and there and decided to display more of my crystals, (dusting here and there in the process…you know…puttering.) I’ve crocheted a few more rows to the neck scarf I am working on for my granddaughter in between shelf arranging. I think by this evening I’ll even have that project finished and probably a new one started but, it’s not a plan, just a possible and likely outcome. That could change because, well …I’m puttering.

Sometimes the best laid plans are best set aside for a simple day of puttering. The funny thing is that often I get a lot more done on these kinds of days than I would if I had planned them. Little things, mind you, but things just the same. Drawers get sorted and clothes get arranged and all sorts of small accomplishments take place. Jobs that normally might be ignored seem to magically transpire. And at the end of the day one ends up with a real sense of satisfaction for what's been accomplished through simply enjoying the process…all because it wasn't work, it wasn't demanding, it was simply puttering

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